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Tango Tanimura

Chasen (Tea Whisk) Tour

Visitors can watch Mr. Tanimura’s fascinating ancient techniques with their own eyes and are also welcome to try the last step of making a tea whisk.
English brochures are provided. An interpreter is available for an additional fee. Please inquire for further information.

  1. Watching demonstration only -45 minutes
  2. Making your own matcha in the chashitsu tea room- 70~90 minutes
  3. Making your own tea whisk (weaving with the thread only) – with an additional cost

Every program includes green tea (matcha) and a small Japanese sweet.
We accept from 3 people up to 20 people per visit.
If the number of tourists per visit is less than 2 people, we may not be able to accept it.
Children 10 and under are not allowed.
The price of each tour will vary depending on the number of people and the content of the tour.
Please get in touch for details by email at
Reservations must be made via email a minimum of 10 days in advance.
We accept cash in Japanese yen upon arrival.

Experience Chashaku Carving

The Chashaku “tea scoop” is used to scoop green tea into a tea bowl. Visitors can also experience to carve Chashaku upon request. Please inquire for further information.

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